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Alexander Hamilton | Ron Chernow | Book Review

I had wanted to read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow ever since Lin Manuel Miranda first started talking about it during his creative stages of Hamilton The Musical. Being a Broadway fan, I loved the concept of having a musical based on a historical biography, and being a fan of historical biographies, I am always looking for new information to put into my brain. It was like the perfect pairing for a reader like me.

Alexander Hamilton gives you the story of Hamilton’s life from birth to death and all of the drama in between. He was America’s first treasury secretary and is also known for being the center of one of America’s first published marital affairs. It also gives you an idea of where our founding father’s were at the creation of America as a nation. There are multiple examples of how they were not always on the same page in terms of making decisions as to what kind of nation America would become…so I guess not much as changed since 1776.

The thing that I also really liked about reading this book post-Hamilton the musical craze was that I was able to see how Lin Manuel Miranda got his ideas and how he created the story of Alexander Hamilton that is seen on stage. Being a creator of a new musical, he was able to embellish some facts and change things to fit his story-line but, to be quite honest Hamilton’s life story in itself was very captivating and rich. And to think many of us would have never even known about it if it wasn’t for Ron Chernow and Lin Manuel Miranda.

To me, the words “history has its eyes on you” have never been a more concise statement of what is going on in our country today. As a nation we have the opportunity to build and create change in the way that our founding father’s envisioned; to give opportunities to individuals like Alexander Hamilton who are of the brilliant mind but may not have the resources; and to allow a voice to those same individuals so that they may contribute to our history in the same way that Alexander Hamilton did. If you want to learn more about America’s history and one of it’s often forgotten founding father’s, I highly recommend Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow as a good place to start.

Rating: 5 Stars

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