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Time Between Us | Tamara Ireland Stone | Book Review

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone had been sitting on my bookshelf since 2013. April (Good Books and Good Wine) had given to me when she was finished due to the not so subtle note I left inside the book for her. Yet for some reason, I kept putting off reading it once I received it. When I finally did pick it up, I was intrigued right away enjoying the beautiful mix of a contemporary young adult love story and science fiction.

Time Between Us tells the story of Anna and Bennett, two teenagers who are falling in love but who are separated by time and distance. Why is that? Well, Anna is a wanderlust filled teenage girl who lives in 1995 near Chicago while Bennett is a sweet teenage boy who lives in 2012 near San Francisco. They meet by chance due to Bennett’s unique ability to time travel. And as they continue to spend time together, they start to fall deeper for each other.

As a reader, I really enjoyed how the transfers between time and place were seamless. No matter where Anna and Bennett were, it felt as if they belonged there in that particular moment in time. I also enjoyed the throw backs to 1995 in terms of music selection and technology. As a 90’s girl, I immediately recognized them, and it warmed my heart to be brought back to a simpler time in life. And reading some of Bennett’s reactions to these things were also heart warming. The romance between Anna and Bennett is also heart warming but it gets intense pretty quick. Yet in the context of the story, the speed of their romance which is composed of dramatic teenage feelings works for me. And if you’re a reader that looks for warm feelings and teenage kisses, you will most likely enjoy this book too.

As Time Between Us was coming to an end, I couldn’t help but feel the tug of my heart that everything might not work out the way Anna and Bennett wanted due to their time manipulations. Tamara Ireland Stone does a wonderful job with a balance of romance and angst up until the very end of the story. She made me root for these characters. And while I did feel that everything was wrapped up nicely, I was glad to know that there was a sequel (Time After Time) and I couldn’t wait to read it next.

Rating: 4 Stars

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