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Time After Time | Tamara Ireland Stone | Book Review

Time After Time is the sequel to the book Time Between Us written by Tamara Ireland Stone. It follows Bennett and Anna as they try to navigate their relationship together. Being from two different periods in time proves to have its challenges but the romance and commitment to each other is strong.

Time After Time is in Bennett’s point of view which I found refreshing and enjoyable. I love a good male point of view! I enjoyed his reactions to the differences in music, technology, and clothing. It was also interesting to find out more about his time traveling abilities and his relationship with his parents. The dynamics of the relationship with is parents impact his relationship with Anna and the way in which he chooses to view his ability to time travel.

Living in two different cities and two different years affects the way that Anna and Bennett’s relationship is able grow and progress. How they deal with the distance between them makes their commitment to each other even more intense. And it’s clear that these are two young adults who are in love with each other, and who want to fight to be together no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem.

The romantic in me really enjoyed the ability of Anna and Bennett to woo each other but, I also enjoyed the moral conflict that Bennett was experiencing with wanting to be with Anna but not wanting to accidentally change anything during his time travels. Tamara Ireland Stone did a wonderful job creating these characters and making their interactions with each other and the others around them feel so very real. There was such good angst and build up in Time After Time and that made it so worth it to me as a reader. If you are looking for a series that will sweep you off your feet with enjoyable characters that make you laugh and make you think, this may just be the series for you!

Rating: 4 Stars

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