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Paris Is Always A Good Idea | Jenn McKinlay | Book Review

Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay follows Chelsea Martin as she tries to re-find the fun and fancy free woman she once was before life got in the way. I picked up this story because I liked the cover and was excited to read about a woman re-finding her happiness and redefining what it means to have control of her life. Oh, and I was also excited for the promise of a enemies-to-lovers office romance too.

Chelsea spent her post-college year aboard in Ireland, France, and Italy until her mother’s health took a turn for worse. She was having the time of her life until she suddenly had lost all control and it was in that moment that she became determined to never lose control again. In the process though, she lost a part of who she was and never fully dealt with the death of her mother. Paris Is Always A Good Idea presents her with the opportunity to revisit these locations and maybe even grow up in the process. The travel aspect of this story was so much fun because I loved seeing all the different scenery through Chelsea’s eyes. I felt like I was actually there with her.

When Chelsea was in Europe the first time, she fell in love – three different times. So on her quest to re-find herself she is determined to find the three different men and see if there is still a spark with any of them. I enjoyed these reunions – each comical – and each brought a solid anticipation of wondering if each gentleman might be the “one”. My favorite part of Paris Is Always A Good Idea though was watching as Chelsea discovered new things about herself as she reconnected with her past.

Chelsea is also really good at her job. She works for the American Cancer Coalition as a fundraising coordinator and has basically thrown herself into her work in honor of her mother. I really enjoyed the side characters from the office including Jason, her nemesis. While she is in Europe, Jason seeks her out to help with their latest donor, and becomes an unexpected source of comfort and support. I loved their interactions! So much witty banter, tons of heat, and so much fun! I loved watching them bond and come to terms with what was happening between them. It was the perfect enemies-to-lovers office romance type of troupe.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Paris is Always a Good Idea. The beautiful settings, the fun characters, the humor, and the romance were so much fun and it was so easy to read. Jenn McKinley did a wonderful job taking me on Chelsea’s journey of rediscovery and love. If you are looking for an easy enjoyable read, I would definitely recommend this one to you!

Rating: 4 Stars

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