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Take A Hint Dani Brown | Talia Hibbert | Book Review

Last year I read Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert and loved it. So, when I found Take A Hint, Dani Brown at my local library, I jumped on the opportunity to read it. And I absolutely LOVED it! This book had some of my favorite things – a fake dating troupe, strong female character, sensitive male character, believable family dynamics, and realistic life issues.

The main character Danika (Dani) Brown is a strong-willed, young, Black, bisexual female who has dedicated her existence to her work because she doesn’t feel as if she’s relationship material. She has prioritized her work, family, and friends over having an actual relationship due to being hurt in the past and not wanting to be hurt again. She is also afraid of getting too attached and therefore has become a bit of a professional at pushing people away when they are getting too close. Except for when it comes to Zafir. He seems to be her weakness in ways that she never expected.

Zafir is the security guard at the college where Dani teaches. The two of them have become good friends; and suddenly find themselves in a fake relationship. Dani agrees to continue with the fake relationship because it is helping Zafir’s side project that deals with mental health. And of course, it’ll be beneficial for her too because it means that she can get a little action without any of the actual attachment features of a relationship. Except Zafir is the sweetest, most considerate guy who just happens to have a secret crush on Dani and who also believes in happily ever after. Oh, and they have CHEMISTRY together. So much chemistry. And I loved how they helped build each other up and are just stronger together.

Take A Hint, Dani Brown is a book that made me laugh, smile, and swoon. I related to Dani and her desire to work herself to the ground in order to avoid getting hurt while also relating to Zafir and his need for romance novels and happily ever afters. I loved the way that Talia Hibbert involved sexual and mental health into this book and did it in a non-stigmatizing way. And I will admit that a few chapters before the end I slowed down a bit in my reading to perserve it because I didn’t want this book to end. I’m excited that I will get the opportunity to revist Dani, Zafir, and the other characters of Brown sisters family in the next book Act Your Age, Eve Brown.

Rating: 5 Stars

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