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Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

Back in 2012 when I was first entering the book blogging world as co-blogger with April at Good Books and Good Wine, I was also joining her on road trips to Oblong Books for their YA book signing events. So it was no surprise when I joined her for an event for Lauren Oliver and Kate Ellison. This event was to help promote the release of the second book in Lauren’s Delirium trilogy (Pandemonium). Now at the time, I hadn’t even read Delirium yet but, I was all psyched for a road trip. Flash forward almost nine years later and I have finally read Delirium and all I can say is WHAT took me so long?

Delirium is set in an alternative United States where love has been declared a dangerous disease and the government has come up with a cure that everyone who reaches eighteen is forced to take. Lena is ninety-five days away from receiving her cure when she meets a boy named Alex. Prior to meeting him, she was very much looking forward to being cured and not having to worry about love destroying everything she knows but, he is different than anything she’s ever known. And he makes her question everything she’s ever known including if she should risk it all for him.

The first thing that captured my heart about Delirium was the way that it was written. To put it simply Lauren Oliver writes in such a wonderful manner when she writes words – beautiful, rich, words – they create an image that creates a perfect moment. From the description of the setting, to the events that are going on, to Lena’s emotions, everything is so clear, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The set up of the world within Delirium was so fantastic. The documents, the songs, and the recreation of common texts to fit into this world and so much of this is attributed to Lauren Oliver’s writing.

Another thing that captured my heart about Delirium was the connection between Lena and Alex. Like I said, Alex completely changes everything for Lena. From the way that she thinks, to the way that she visualizes the world, and to the way she feels about her life, he impacts every little detail. It is because of Alex that she questions things and finds more value in the small intimate details of her life. It causes her to fully understand how the cure will change things for her; and how the government uses it to control the population. To me it was an interesting dystopian concept that was handled very well with the perfect touch of romance.

Delirium is a young adult book that one should take the time to savor and enjoy. Oh, and that ending? Holy crap. I was left wanting to know more. No correct that…I was left needing to know more. And I was so grateful that I had a signed copy of Pandemonium sitting on my shelf already and could just dive right in!

Rating: 5 Stars

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