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Requiem | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

Requiem is the final book in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. I was nervous and excited to read the final installment of this trilogy. I had really enjoyed Delirium and Pandemonium but, I wasn’t sure how everything was going to be wrapped up. Plus, the ending of Pandemonium had such a cliff hanger attached to it! I’m pretty sure I was still recovering from that.

Thankfully, Requiem picks up right where Pandemonium left off except this time the point of view alternates between Lena and her former best friend Hana. It was a pleasant surprise to read things from Hana’s point of view. It really added a different level of the story and gave the opportunity to see the Cured vs. the Uncured. Lauren Oliver really presented a good argument for both and made me feel conflicted as a reader which was actually an enjoyable sensation.

Unfortunately as enjoyable as Lauren Oliver’s writing was, I really think that I was expecting more tension and more angst. I mean, there was tension there but for some reason, I think I wanted more. I think I expected more of an explosive ending and instead I was left with more questions and wondering if the trilogy had really ended.

And the growth that I had seen in Pandemonium from Lena was no where to be found for much of Requiem and that was disappointing for me. Yes, it did eventually show up again but, I would have much rather preferred it to be earlier in the story. Instead time was spent having her go back and forth between characters who were making decisions for her instead of her making decisions for herself.

All in all, I enjoyed the first two books of the Delirium trilogy but, I was left struggling as a reader after finishing Requiem. I felt like I may have missed something but at the same time knew that I had read every word. While I understand why Lauren Oliver may have left things the way that she did, it did not satisfy me as a reader. I feel like things could have been better resolved and left me with a more conclusive ending.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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