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Written In The Stars | Alexandria Bellefleur | Book Review

I picked up Written In The Stars by Alexandria Bellefleau at my local library because the cover caught my attention. Isn’t is pretty? And then I read the premise and had a feeling that I would quickly be hooked. It had two of my favorite things: opposites attract and psuedo-dating, and of course the fact that it was an LGBTQ read moved it up towards the top of my TBR list as I am always wanting to read more of those.

On the surface Elle and Darcy are total opposites. Where Elle is free spirited, Darcy is analytical. Where Elle is soft and sweet, Darcy is hard and icy. Their initial date which was set up by Darcy’s brother Brandon does not go well but shortly afterwards they find themselves spending more time together in a faux dating situation. And the more time they spend together the more they learn that there is so much more for each of them below the surface.

There is so much fluffy adorable goodness in Written in the Stars. It made me smile so much. Elle and Darcy have so much chemistry together that is a nice blend of physical and emotional. And their little quirks of loving soap operas and fan-fiction made me love them even more! Both Elle and Darcy also come with some family drama which they need to confront and move beyond. Their connection and support of each other allows them to do so and move past the toxicity. As a reader, this felt very real to me and had me pulling for Elle and Darcy as a pairing even more.

Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleau is scheduled to be published in May and will be a companion novel to Written in the Stars. This time the focus will be on Darcy’s match making brother Brandon. I’m excited to follow his story and hopefully get a glimpse or two of Darcy and Elle in the process. Let’s just say I’m not ready to let either of these characters go any time soon.

Rating: 5 Stars

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