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That Baby | Jillian Dodd | Book Review

Warning: There are some spoilers in this review so do not go any further if you do not wish to be spoiled!

That Baby is the third book is the That Boy series by Jillian Dodd. This book is primarily told in JJ’s point of view again and follows her and her husband Phillip as they navigate through their wedding marital bliss and unexpected pregnancy. This time JJ’s emotions are all over the place but Phillip is there to keep her stabilized. And when Phillip isn’t there, Danny is there to help keep her spirits up.

Right after she finds out that she is pregnant, JJ starts writing in a journal that is dedicated to the baby. In this journal, she explains what is going on with her pregnancy, expresses her wishes for the baby, and her fears about motherhood. I liked the way that this was set up because it felt like almost a book within a book. And JJ could be so funny trying to examine the intricacies of marriage and pregnancy. She really did grow up in That Wedding and it was nice to see her continue to grow in That Baby as well.

Phillip remains a dream prince for JJ. Seriously, he is the sweetest. He does a little bit of growing up in That Baby as well learning how to build a life with his wife and moving away from his parents. Danny remains a close friend and who continues to prank his two best friends keeping their friendship light and hilarious. Unfortunately for Danny, his wife Lori has a complete personality transplant during her own pregnancy and it has made her a truly unlikable character. Danny, JJ, and Phillip all deserve so much better from her!

There is constant evolution in the three main characters of the That Boy series and as a reader, I loved seeing it. There was a bit of a surprise towards the end of this one where Jillian Dodd truly played with my emotions. It also showed me just how attached I had started getting to these characters; and how I wanted all of them to be happy. Although That Wedding appears to be the end of JJ and Phillip’s saga of this series, I’m admittedly looking forward to continuing with Danny’s story in That Love.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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