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You Are A Bad Ass | Jen Sincero | Book Review

You Are A Badass is a self help book written by Jen Sincero encouraging the reader to stop doubting themselves and start living a kick ass version of their life. I felt like I was drinking a nice warm cup of tea with a friend while getting life advice. This book is funny and filled with positive vibes pushing the reader to better themselves.

You Are A Badass focuses a lot on the idea of self belief, remaining positive, and having open thoughts. The author also encourages the reader to dream big and believe that their dreams are already closer than they may appear. She uses multiple examples to reinforce these ideas and continues to have a sense of humor even and encourages the reader to do so even when things feel like they are falling apart.

I chose to read You Are A Badass because I’m currently at a point in my life where I’m reexamining things and figuring out what my next life step will be. Prior to losing my job, things were starting to change for me professionally, and ultimately losing my job caused these changes to be pushed to the forefront. I’ve taken on reading self-help books such as this to help myself find who I am and who I would like to be.

Overall, I did take a few of the messages from You Are A Badass to heart such as remaining positive and believing in myself. These changes in my life have shaken me a bit but I’m slowly re-finding my footing and determined to come back stronger than ever. I have to learn how to move forward and to accept what happened in my past without allowing it to influence what happens next. This may be easier said than done but, I’m working towards it and I know that I have people in my corner that also believe that I will succeed.

Rating: 3 Stars

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