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What Unites Us | Dan Rather | Book Review

“We are a nation not only of dreamers, but also of fixers. We have looked at our land and people, and said, time and time again, “This is not good enough; we can be better.”

What Unites Us is Dan Rather’s reflection on the United States of America and American patriotism. It is a reflection on where American’s have been, where we are, and what we still have the potential to do. It was published in 2017 but is still very relevant to the current atmosphere which is going on in America. We are in an era of change; and as the above quote states a time of figuring out how to “do better”.

What Unites Us is broken down into sections about freedom, community, exploration, responsibility, and character. Inside of these sections Dan Rather breaks things down even further with associated topics. He stresses the importance of books, reading, the arts, and continually educating oneself. He encourages the reader to stay informed and uses this book as a reminder that by living in America, an individual has opportunity for change and challenge that if often not available elsewhere.

It only took me a day to read What Unites Us as I became easily captivated by what I was reading. The text is easy to understand, inspiring to read, and made it difficult to put down. I really enjoyed the optimism which I was left with when I finished reading. Yes, things are difficult right now, and they have been difficult in the past. However, the real definition of America is within its ability to reevaluate and change for the better. The current status of our nation may result in the greatest changes we have ever seen; and hopefully those changes are what unite us to be even stronger.

Rating: 5 Stars

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