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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid | Book Review

Daisy Jones & The Six was a crazy, wild ride and I loved every single minute of it. Are you sure this wasn’t a real band from the 1970’s? Because it felt so real! I want to be able to talk to them and learn even more about them. I want to continue to live vicariously through them because they were all so human – filled with flaws and raw emotions. They were wonderfully constructed characters.

I think alot of why these characters were so well constructed was because of the way in which Daisy Jones & The Six was written. It’s set up in an interview style and flips back and forth between each member of the band depending on what was being discussed at the time. Several characters are introduced within these interviews but it is not hard to keep them straight in your mind as each of them is so different. There were some I loved and wanted to hug and some I wanted to smack upside the head during their more ignorant moments. It felt like I was viewing an episode of VH1’s Behind The Music which was a show I loved.

Daisy Jones & The Six really makes you feel like you were there with the band during their incarnation, their recording sessions, tour sessions, and eventual break up. And of course because everyone spent so much time together they were bonded in ways that were hard to describe. Bonded through their music, through drugs and alcohol, through friendship and relationships, through fights and reconciliations – these individuals were bonded. I’m excited to see how all of this is interpreted when it comes to Amazon in a mini-series produced by Reese Witherspoon.

It may seem like I’m just sitting here gushing about Daisy Jones & The Six which I am but, I really feel like it is well-deserved. This book gave me so much as a reader – a love for their music, appreciation for their individual characters, empathy for their circumstances, and a need for their music. I can also see where Taylor Jenkins Reid got her influence for this band from the dynamics of Fleetwood Mac. And I really think there would have been room for both groups – they would have simply dominated if they had toured together! Just so so good.

Rating: 5 Stars

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