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After Us | Amber Hart | Book Review

After Us is the second book in the Before and After series by Amber Hart. Similar to Before You, this is a good girl/bad boy type of story. This time the focus is on Melissa and Javier – characters are that intricately flawed individually and when together may just help each other heal.

Melissa and Javier initially met through their friends Faith and Diego. The two of them have not interacted in some time when they run into each other on a beach. Quite a bit has happened since their last interaction but the initial attraction is still there between them. Honestly, Melissa and Javier make a beautiful pairing – they are both damaged souls just trying to do their best in a broken world.

After You does follow the timeline of what occurred after the ending of After Us so I do think that it is important to read them in order. Reading Before You will also help you better understand where the characters of Melissa and Javier are coming from. Like I said, they are both damaged and there is a reason for their reluctance and lack of complete honesty.

The ending of After Us came with some twists and turns which put my heart in my stomach. With the secrets, it is pretty close to impossible for Melissa and Javier to fully give themselves to each other. There is ALOT of angst in this story. And there were times when I wanted to smack each of them upside the head but yet I still understood where they were coming from. Let’s just say things are much easier once everything is out on the table! And I was happy with the way that things turned out.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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