A Woman of No Importance | Sonia Purnell | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To A Woman Of No Importance by Sonia Purnell?

A Women Of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II caught my attention from the title alone. I had seen it a couple of times on my Twitter feed and decided to look into it. As soon as I saw that it involved a young American woman who was the greatest unknown spy in American history, I was hooked. I needed to know more about this incredible woman.

What’s It About?

A Woman Of No Importance tells the story of Virginia Hall – a young woman with a prosthetic leg – who is an unknown hero of WWII for the allies. Known as the “Madonna of the Resistance”, Virginia was responsible for multiple secret transmissions of information regarding the status of the axis troops, coordinating the efforts of other spies within the network, arranging for equipment drops for the allies, and the recruitment and training of new spies. And this is only scratching the surface of what she did. She did so many different things all while refusing to give into the demands of the enemies and fought hard to protect herself and those around her from being discovered and killed.

How Did I Like A Woman Of No Importance?

This book was SO interesting. I really enjoyed learning about Virginia Hall and the various things that she did during WWII to help the allies. Throughout my listening of A Woman Of No Importance I couldn’t help but ask myself how did I not know more about this woman prior to now? She is someone who students should be taught about in school for her remarkable skills and true bravery in the heat of the moment. She also was someone who did not like to be put into the spotlight which is likely why not much was written about her until now. Well, plus the fact that she was a spy and information about spies should always be kept private in order to protect their identity.

How’s The Narration?

The audiobook is narrated by Juliet Stevenson and is 13 hours and 54 minutes long. While it is interesting material it did take me a while to get through all of it. The chapters are long in length which made it different to find a good stopping point at times. I never felt like the audio was dragging though – the way that Sonia Purnell has written A Woman Of No Importance allows to the reader to go on a journey discovering just exactly who Virginia Hall was.

Rating: 4 Stars

Audiobook review layout borrowed from April @ Good Books and Good Wine.

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