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The Crown Prince’s Bride | Donna Alward | Book Review

The Crown Prince’s Bride is the second book in the Royal Duology series by Donna Alward. Similar to the first book in the series (The Playboy Prince and the Nanny), I would call this an “escape novel”. It has a fairy tale feel with sweet moments of romance.

The Crown Prince’s Bride follows the crowned Prince of Marazur, Raoul and his relationship with his assistant Stephani. Stephani has worked for the prince for years and is also the cousin of his late-wife. The secret is that she has had feelings for him for many years but never acted on them. One night, it seems that fate takes a hand when Raoul’s date for an important state dinner is unable to attend so he invites Stephani. Suddenly, he’s seeing her in a different light, and it forces him to reconcile all of the emotions that he has been struggling with since his wife’s death.

In all honesty, Raoul has simply been going through the motions since the death of his wife. Experiencing new feelings for Stephani forces him to really take a step back and figure out if he is capable of moving on and if this relationship would be the right choice. I’ll be honest – there were a couple times when I wanted to smack Raoul up side the head. Yes, I understand that he was dealing with alot of emotions in his heart and questions in his head but, the way he treated Stephani a couple of times was just ick. I was proud of the way that the character Stephani stood up for herself and was willing to give him up even if it was sacrificing her chosen happily ever after.

As I mentioned, The Crown Prince’s Bride is the second story in this duology. It can easily be read a standalone though as it is easy to figure out what may have happened in the first book. I enjoyed seeing Diego and Rose again as well as Raoul’s children who both adored Stephani. Both The Playboy and the Nanny and The Crown Prince’s Bride are currently available on KindleUnlimited; and are fast easy reads. If you enjoy sweet romance with a touch of conflict and royalty, these may the the stories for you.

Rating: 3 Stars

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