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Home At Last | Lily Everett | Book Review

Lily Everett’s Sanctuary Island series is one of my favorite contemporary romance series to date. The setting is a small town with fields of wild horses. It all seems to be very calm and peaceful and a place that I would love to actually live.

Previously, I have read and reviewed Sanctuary Island, Shoreline Drive, Heartbreak Cove, and Close To Home. Home At Last is the sixth book in the series but can also be read a stand alone. It follows the same basic formula as the other Sanctuary Island containing characters that are easy to root for and a setting that is easy to fall in love with.

Home At Last follows the relationship of Marcus and Quinn. Marcus moved away from Sanctuary Island after his mother’s death years ago. Quinn is ten years his junior and was his neighbor growing up. She also always had feelings for him but never told anybody. She gets her chance to be with him when he moves back but just as quickly as this happens it ends. And now no one will trust Marcus or come near his new bar in town because he broke the heart of the “towns sweetheart”. Quinn comes up with a plan for them to “fake date” for a while in order to save his reputation and her parents failing marriage. Except there is nothing fake about their chemistry and connection…

As always, Lily Everett just nails these characters and makes me fall in love with them. They felt so real to me because they were human. They had made mistakes in the past and were continuing to make mistakes but, were trying to do better together. Marcus has a bit of “bad boy” reputation especially since he left for years without talking to anyone. Quinn is perceived “good girl” but, she has had difficulty finding her true passion in life making her sort of wishy-washy. She is afraid that her parents are disappointed in her and that this disappointment is putting additional stress on their marriage. Her heart is always in a good place especially when it comes to Marcus and/or her parents.

I also love that Home At Last brought me back to Sanctuary Island again. I just love this little town. There is so much history there; and the imagery is just breathtaking. I also enjoyed how Marcus and Quinn’s new relationship was a even juxtaposition to her parents long standing relationship. Both couples are dealing with rough patches and may even even more similar than they realize. It was nice to read about them learning from each other and growing together.

Home At Last is such an easy book to read. It is filled with small town glitz, real characters with quirks, and so much heart that you will just keep turning the pages and let it take you away. If you love small town reads as much as I do, I highly recommend that you check out this Sanctuary Island series, I do not think you will be disappointed!

Rating: 4 Stars

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