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Miss Match | Laurelin McGee | Book Review

Miss Match is like ordering a delicious glass of bubbly wine and drinking it all up. It is such a quirky, heart-warming, and laugh out loud funny book. And the chemistry between the main characters is top notch!

Blake hires Andrea to be his matchmaker. He instructs her to find him a wife – someone who meets his expectations of a docile woman. Basically his ideal woman is everything that Andrea is not (full of sass and attitude)…and Blake is everything in a man that Andrea does not want in her life (arrogant and self-serving). Except not everything is the way it appears on the surface, and the more these two spend time together, the more layers are revealed. And Andrea has never backed down from a challenge before, so why start now?

From the beginning of Miss Match, the chemistry between Blake and Andrea is there but, they try their hardest to ignore it. Andrea is such a fun character – smart and outspoken and very good at reading people including Blake. Andrea throws Blake off his game, and it is so funny to watch. He is used to be the man in control and he is anything but that when he is around her. He continuously sticks his foot in his mouth but, he actually apologizes to her and tries to be a better person around her. There are so many laugh out loud moments when he sticks his foot in his mouth though. I think these are also when some of the best chemistry is shown.

As I would a bubbly glass of wine, I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Match. I’m a fan of snarky banter in romance novels and this one had it in spades. And it also kept me on the edge of my seat with the will they/won’t they cross the line between boss/employee to something more. I would recommend this one to anyone who also enjoys snarky banter, top notch chemistry, and tons of laughter while reading a romance. I’m so glad that these characters decided to look beyond the surface of their ideal matches!

Rating: 4 Stars

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