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Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love | Kim Fielding | Book Review

Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love is a LGBTQ enemies to lovers romance. I picked it up at my local library because I was intrigued by both the cover and the premise. I love a good enemies to lovers trope and this one seemed like it would fit that perfectly!

The premise of Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love is pretty straight forward (pun intended). The main character Teddy can’t seem to get along with his colleague Romeo who is the total opposite of him. Of course, the two of them are assigned to work on a big project together and have to travel together in order to hopefully get funding for their project. Oh, and did I mention that there is only one bed at the hotel where they are staying for the trip? I think you know what that means.

At the beginning of Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love, Teddy and Romeo are complete opposites. Teddy is more flamboyant and adventurous while Romeo is more conservative and cautious. Or at least that is what Teddy thinks when he initially starts working with Romeo. He is a tad bit judgemental honestly and he tries to cover it up using snarkiness. I did enjoy watching the layers of the relationship between Teddy and Romeo develop but, it also felt kind of insta-love to me based on how quickly it happened. Now I understand they were involved in intense circumstances that may have influenced the way that they were feeling but I’m always drawn to that famous quote from the movie Speed during times on like this: “Relationships based on intense experiences never work.”

Personally, I wish that this had been a duel perspective book. I think it would have been good to get Romeo’s point on view regarding Teddy’s judgemental attitude and behaviors. From the bits and pieces of Romeo that we did get, I found that I liked him more than Teddy, and would have liked to know even more! He could actually be kind of funny when he wanted to be as well.

Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love is a quick read but I thought it had the potential to be more than it was. I mean, it was nice but, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Maybe that would have been fixed with a duel perspective. Or maybe it just comes down my personal preferences but, I think more could have been done with the enemies-to-lovers troupe. This could have been a great romantic comedy if it had been executed properly.

Rating: 3 Stars

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