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The Worst Best Man | Mia Sosa | Book Review

When I first heard about The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa I have to admit that it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. Although it had two of my favorite troupes at the center of it – hate to love relationship and pseudo-dating – I was struck by the fact that the perceived love interest was also her ex’s brother. I was afraid that I would be stuck in the middle of a love triangle and I didn’t want that. Luckily for me, this story was anything but a love triangle.

Carolina is a wedding planner who was left at the alter, and she wasn’t even dumped by her fiancé’ but instead by his brother! Now in order to move to the next level in her career, she must work with her ex-fiancé’s brother Max on a project. She has never forgiven her ex-fiance’ or his brother for the mishap of their wedding. Could working together on this project finally be what heals old wounds?

At first Lina is incredibly rude and icy to Max. She does not agree with the idea of working him, and has always been a nobly independent person. She really thinks that he was The Best Worst Man for the wedding. So, she pulls a few pranks on him partly for revenge/partly for her own laughs. He handles these pranks relatively gracefully even though one of them involves a very spicy Brazilian pepper. The more time they spend together, it becomes more obvious that Max really isn’t a bad guy. He was just a guy caught in an awkward position thanks to his brother – and unlike his brother, he is fully attracted to Lina and her mind, body, and soul.

My mind was set at ease regarding this being a love triangle relatively early. Like I said, Max is fully attracted to Lina and respects her in ways that his brother never did. He is also attentive to her cultural background and enjoys learning more about her. I loved inclusion of the Brazilian background and how it gave focus to who Lina was as a character. Working with Lin also allowed Max to break away from his brother’s shadow which is a story arch that I always seem to love as a reader. I love good character growth and change!

The Best Worst Man has several laugh out loud moments making it a wonderful romantic comedy. The comedy moments are also balanced with a few steamy sections which are also comedic due to awkwardness at times. It did occasionally feel drawn out in a couple of sections but, overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who loves diverse romantic comedies.

Rating: 4 Stars

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