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The Maidens | Alex Michaelides | Book Review

The Maidens is the book that I chose for my Book of the Month in June. Anyone who knows me would have been surprised by this choice. Murder? Mystery? Greek mythology? Not my usual choice of reading material. Yet something was drawing me to this book and I’m so glad I listened.

“The Maidens” are a secret sorority group of female students at Cambridge University. They become the obsession of group therapist Mariana when she visits the university to spend time with her grieving niece, whose close friend was found murdered. The more time she spends on the campus, the more deeply affected by the murder she becomes. Using her group therapy skills, she joins the investigation, and interrogates “The Maidens” to see if they know more than they claim.

From the beginning, this story pulled me right in. It was gripping and tense in just the right way. I loved the dark atmosphere – it was mysterious and kept a sense of foreboding angst throughout. I was glued to the pages flying through the short chapters easily. I was rooting for Mariana from the beginning. She was so determined to help solve this mystery and save these girls who she felt were in danger. I also enjoyed how the Greek mythology was so carefully intertwined with the present day society.

The Maidens threw several red herrings in the readers direction that made the story even more compelling for me. I felt like I was going in circles because no one was telling the exact truth. And I think that was the entire point by author Alex Michaelides – to keep the reader on their toes and not know what was going to come next. Although mysteries and thrillers are not my usual reading choices, I did enjoy this one and am glad I trusted my gut on it. I will have to keep my eye open for the next book by this author!

Rating: 4 Stars

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