In A Holidaze | Christina Lauren | Book Review

In A Holidaze is a book that was on my holiday TBR list last year but, I never actually read it. So, I knew when I was doing a Christmas in July feature here on the blog that this was one book I had to read. From page one, I was brought into a fun sweet vibe, and knew that I had definitely found my holiday spirit.

If you are 90’s kid like me, you may remember the TV movie, Christmas Everyday, starring Erik von Detten. The film features a teenager forced to relive the same Christmas every day until he realizes the true meaning of the holiday season. In A Holidaze has a similar premise featuring a woman who is forced to relieve the same week of Christmas until she makes amends and finds her true happiness again. It also features a fun crew of side characters to help her along the way.

Every year, Mae and her family, along with close family friends, spend a week in a cabin in Salt Lake City, Utah. I loved the family atmosphere of In A Holidaze. This was a real chosen family with a history and multiple personalities and dynamics. Together they go sledding, do scavenger hunts, build snow creatures, and make Christmas cheer. Usually these traditions are so much fun for Mae but, this year it was very lack luster. So, when she gets the opportunity for a repeated “do over”, she decides to find a way to make this holiday season anything but lack luster.

In a Holidaze is such a heart warming read. There are moments that will make you laugh out loud; moments that will make you roll your eyes ; and moments that will just clinch your heart. It also has the perfect amount of character development for Mae and the supporting characters around her. Each decision Mae makes helps her find her true happiness, admit her true feelings, and enjoy moments that will lead to long lasting memories. I loved the romance that was here. It’s a hidden feelings friends-to-lovers troupe and it is just done so well!

In A Holidaze was the best kind of escapism. These characters now feel like close family friends to me; and I know that I will want to revisit their antics time and time again. Be it July or December, this one will always be a wonderful holiday read!

Rating: 4 Stars

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