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An Amish Christmas Quilt | Charlotte Hubbard | Kelly Long | Jennifer Beckstrand | Book Review

As a reader, I’m always interested in trying out new genres of books. One of these genres in particular are books that are written with main characters who are Amish. This is why An Amish Christmas Quilt seemed like a perfect introduction into this world.

An Amish Christmas Quilt is a collection of three stories written by three different authors. The first story A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant by Charlotte Hubbard follows a young Amish man who befriends a pregnant young widow with two children. At first the two characters are hesitant around each other but, before long there is a comfortable companionship that starts deepening. I found this novella to be quick to read but didn’t necessarily feel too attached to the characters or the plot. I did find the impromptu real Nativity idea to be cute though.

The second story in this collection is A Christmas on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long. In this one, the two main characters are a young man and woman who have secretly been courting due to their father’s long-standing feud. When the two are thought to be in danger together, old wounds slowly begin to heal and families begin to reconnect. I found this novella to also be quick to read and enjoyed the two main characters and their attraction to each other. I was actually a little surprised with how racy this one was. I guess I didn’t expect that from an Amish romance!

The final story is A Perfect Amish Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand. This story has a little bit of Amish match making going on as the two main characters spend time together enjoying the Christmas spirit. I felt that the two characters really shone together and I enjoyed them as a couple. I also liked what they did for the old man who was alone for the holidays.

All in all, I would say that I enjoyed An Amish Christmas Quilt but, I don’t feel like I got very much out of the experience except for a few rides in a buggy and the occasional German. Oh, and the quilting – each of these stories has a quilt inside of them which is significant to the relationships which are being formed. I did like envisioning the quilts and understanding the significance which each of them held within their specific story.

Rating: 3 Stars

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