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Ready Set Rogue | Manda Collins | Book Review

Ready Set Rogue is the first book in Manda Collins series Studies in Scandal. It features young scholar Miss Ivy Wareham who has inherited Lady Celeste Beauchamp’s estate. She is one of four other bluestocking scholars who have randomly inherited this estate. Lady Celeste’s nephew Quill Beauchamp is skeptical of the bluestockings and their inheritance and is determined not to make it easy for them. Except he didn’t expect one of them to be so hard headed and attractive.

Shortly after her arrival at the estate, Ivy finds a letter from Lady Celeste that indicates that she feared she was going to be murdered. Ivy immediately goes on the hunt to find out rather or not this is true. Quill begrudgingly joins the quest still thinking that it was Ivy who caused harm to his aunt. The more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that she is innocent in all of this and would never be able to hurt another person. This is your classic enemies to lovers historical romance.

There is chemistry between the characters as they are found to banter with each other. Both of them have strong personalities and hate being proven wrong so there are several moments where they bump heads. I did feel like the romance moved rather quickly between them and had a hard time completely buying into it. I did however enjoy Quill realizing that he had misjudged Ivy and that his feelings of attraction may run a little bit deeper than imagined. Working on the mystery together allows many doors to be open each of which were intriguing. The mystery of rather of not Lady Celeste had been murdered kept me turning pages.

The whole premise behind the Studies in Scandal series is that Lady Celeste has left her estate to these four bluestocking scholarly girls who she had never even met. Each of these girls is very knowledgeable and loves to do research and now they have their hands on a renown library of multiple subjects. I really liked seeing how excited each of the girl got when visiting the library. You could feel their passion for education just jumping off the page. I also liked the interactions as they were getting to know each other – complete strangers with different personalities who were going to become as close as sisters. I’ll admit I was sold on this idea more than the romance that was being presented. Ready Set Rogue was a good introduction to these characters. I look forward to seeing where these friendships lead next.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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