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Feminist City | Leslie Kern | Book Review

Feminist City by Leslie Kern is a well researched introduction of the concepts of feminism within the urban world. It is filled with varying ideas and concepts about how women have been and are currently still trying to survive in the world which has been created for them. There is a strong focus on how both geography and psychology influence the ideas of individuals in cities versus individuals in towns/country.

The approach which the author uses in her research is very important not only to the Feminist City book but also to all feminist research. She talks about the importance of using an intersectional approach and placing value on all people, spaces, and situations. This is important because not everyone interprets or lives a situation the same way. There is no “one model” fits all for these scenarios and thinking like this is where we fail as a society.

Considering varieties of feminism is also important when looking at an issue such as women within the urban world. How each of these cities and locations were built and the expectations that came from them impacted the way in which men and women were seen and believed to survive. A strong focus was put on a women’s need for safety and privacy. If a woman miss stepped and moved beyond her respective boundaries then she would be putting her own life in danger. The full needs of women, the disabled, and the elderly are usually not fully considered within the urban setting. This is often due to the varying differences between men and women in the city life; and the expenses which also went along with this type of lifestyle.

Feminist City is a good introduction to the world of urban planning from a feminist lens. It brings forward several ideas of how individuals are living in society and how this is impacting everything around them. Unfortunately, even with the good research that was presented it sometimes felt very surface level. I kept looking for more or for the author to provide more suggestion on how we can work together to change urban society. Hopefully the research that is within this text will be enough to strike some readers interest making them want to learn more. Hopefully someone will be able to take this research further in a way that will benefit all of society.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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