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Jace | Sasha Summers | Book Review

Jace is the first book in the Kings of Country series by Sasha Summers. It follows a family of musicians as they go through the ups and downs of family and tour life. In this edition, the focus is primarily on Krystal King and Jace Black who have an immediate attraction to each other.

Krystal King is a feisty character. I loved her strength and could completely understand why she had the walls around her that she had. There is something that happened to her when she was younger which has influenced everything in her life – her music, her relationships, her dynamic with her family. She is close to her siblings Emmy and Travis but, there is a distinct push/pull relationship with her parents. She is trying to find her way within the music industry and she doesn’t expect the connection that she has with Jace.

Jace Black is an up and coming country musician. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen for a duet with one of the King sisters. He has always felt a connection to the music of the King family, especially Krystal so to sing one of her songs is a dream come true. Especially when he winds up singing it with her. They have an immediate connection which scares her. He is a very patient and honorable man who is willing to work with her through her trust issues and look beyond her often prickly personality. I really liked the chemistry between the two of them and the romance that was able to blossom.

Jace is a wonderful introduction to the King family. Even though the story was focused on Krystal and Jace, the reader also get to know the rest of the family. I loved the bond between the siblings and their dynamic with their father. Their mother however is a piece of work and definitely brings the tension in the story. This tension also plays into the foundation of the country music world. I loved getting the behind the scenes view of this world.

Jace is the kind of novel that will appeal to readers who love country music, rockstar romances, and a touch of reality television. It will also appeal to those who love strong characters, geninue family dynamics, and steamy romance. I’m excited for the possibility of being able to enter this world again and learn more about this cast of characters.

Rating: 4 Stars

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