Song For A Cowboy | Sasha Summers | Book Review

Song For A Cowboy is the second book in the Kings of Country series but, it can be read as a stand alone. This time the focus is on Emmy Lou King and her high school sweetheart Brock Watson. Communication issues and secrets drove them apart in the past but when they suddenly find themselves in each others orbit again, it is hard to resist their connection.

I had already found myself liking Emmy Lou from the little bit I had gotten to know her in the first book of the series (Jace). In comparison to her sister Krystal, Emmy Lou is painted as this always happy go lucky girl. She trusts easily and is hurt when that trust is broken. She will do anything to keep her family happy even if it means sacrificing herself. More recently, she has wanted to find her own outlet to express herself, and gets involved as the new voice of a local anti-drug campaign.

Brock Weston is an American Football League player who recently has had his share of troubles. Coincidentally, he is also a member of the local anti-drug campaign, which is part of his self improvement plan. He is shocked when he sees Emmy Lou there. Their break up was not mutual in his eyes and it is obvious that he has unresolved feelings for her. Brock is a man who often wears his heart on his sleeve. He would do anything for the people that he loves but, he also is filled with insecurities because of the things that have happened in his past.

I really enjoyed reading about Emmy Lou and Brock as they began to spend more time in each other’s orbit. Their connection to each other was purely magnetic. Even after all these years they still feel the same love, the same pull, the same connection but both are questioning if it is a enough. These are two broken souls who have been manipulated by others around them in the name of love. Their reconnection is not easily – in fact, it is very drama filled – but, there is also alot of laughter. Much of this laughter is due to the interactions with the other King siblings. Once again, I adore their bond and was so glad to read about a strong family unit supporting each other. Especially in the face of their mother who is just awful.

The writing for Song For A Cowboy is strong, emotional, and witty. The banter between the characters is top notch as are the more poignant emotional moments. The story between Emmy Lou and Brock is a slow burn so as a reader you must be patient with that. Both characters have their reasons for being so hesitant and that makes this second chance romance even more captivating. It is all worth the wait!

Rating: 4 Stars

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