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August 2021 Recap | September 2021 TBR

August was a good month and also my birthday month. It’s hard to believe that I’m now 34. I don’t actually feel older but, I have acknowledged it. After all you are only as young as you feel!

Let’s recap August…

Personal Recap:
-I started a new job! It has been going good so far. I feel needed, appreciated, and accomplished. The only thing I need to adjust to is waking up early in the morning and getting ready for work.
-Simon had to take antibiotics for his feline cystitis at the beginning of the month. He is feeling much better now thankfully.
-My mental health has been doing better this month with the start of my new job. I’m still taking things slowly as not to get overwhelmed. I will admit that I do enjoy the way that I’m feeling these days.

Reading Recap:
I read 11 of the 20 books on my August TBR: It’s Raining Men. The Paris Connection. Love At First Fight. So We Meet Again. Skye Falling. Love and Other Natural Disasters. The Last Goodbye. The Charm Offensive. The Royal Correspondent. The Final Revival of Opal and Nev. I also read these books that were not on my original TBR: Impostor Syndrome. Nothing General About It. The Rural Diaries. Tokyo Ever After. Like Cats and Dogs. Fresh. Serena Singh Flips The Script. Jace. Song for a Cowboy. Battle of the Bands. Behind You.

Television Recap:
With a new job, i haven’t been watching very much television. I did start re-watching the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu. It is such a feel good show that never fails to make me smile.

September TBR: The Dating Playbook. Bombshell. Snowflakes Over The Star Café. Seasons Between Us. It All Comes Back To You. A Reckless Match. Maiden Voyages. When Sparks Fly. Not Your Average Guy. Alien Nation. Caught Up In the Touch. Melting Into You. The Fountains of Silence. One For the Rogue. Draw Me Close.

I look forward to seeing what September brings all of us!

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