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Caught Up In The Touch | Laura Trentham | Book Review

Caught Up In The Touch is the second book set in Falcon, Alabama. I was so excited to be back in this environment again. This time the spark is around Logan Wilde and Jessica Montgomery. Their initial meeting does not go as planned but, it is the perfect set up for the dynamic of their relationship.

Logan is a sweetheart of a man who has been through some stuff. And that really is an understatement. His youth was filled with bad boy shenanigans but he’s all grown up now. He is the owner of a local restaurant and enjoys cooking, the outdoors, and coaching high school football. He really is a great home town boy.

Jessica enters the picture because she works for her fathers restaurant management company and her father want Logan as client. Logan has no interest in this position but Jessica is determined to change his mind. She is a strong business woman who has garnered a bit of a tough ass persona. Being in Falcon allows a new side of Jessica to emerge. A wild less composed woman with emotions and who realizes that she might want a life besides working for her fathers company and constantly being insulted. Ugh the sexism in that company was real!

The character growth for Jessica felt very realistic. I loved reading about her breaking down her walls and realizing that there more to life than being pushed down and made to feel like everything was her fault. I think with everything that I have been through in the past year, I could really related to Jessica’s journey. I loved the way she found herself, put her faith in Logan, and wasn’t afraid to just relax and be happy. And she was perfect for the hometown in boy in Logan.

Falcon, Alabama may be a small town but, it still provides a place for new friendships, romances, and adventures. It provides a safe place to let walls down and just be free. And never know who you might meet and what they might say. I enjoyed my return trip to Falcon in Caught up In The Touch and look forward to to going back again with Melting Into You.

Rating: 4 Stars

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