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Serena Singh Flips The Script | Sonya Lalli | Book Review

Serena Singh Flips The Script was such a fun book of self discovery and self happiness. It is a diverse read which allowed me to hear different voices and experiences. This book focuses specifically on Indian culture and the varying complexities of family and personal values. I found it to be engrossing and was invested from beginning to end.

Serena Singh is such a kick ass character. She’s 36 years old and has made the decision not to marry and/or have children. This is against the norm for Indian culture and she receives some backlash for it. She tries not to let it get to her because she wants to be her own person but she also struggles with wanting to make her family happy. On the flip side, the reader also learns about things from Serena’s mother and for reasoning for why she wants Serena to settle and get married.

I really liked the character of Serena. Like said, she is bad ass. She is very quick witted and is a problem solver. She works for an advertising firm and this is where her intelligence shines. The only “problem” with Serena was the fact that she so self-reliant she forgets to make time for herself and for what she enjoys. I could relate to her and really enjoyed reading her journey of self discovery.

As a daughter of immigrant parents Serena struggles with wanting to honor her parents and their traditions while also finding her own independence. I loved the sprinkling of Indian culture that was so intermixed in the story. The fact that this book was told in a duel perspective (mother and daughter) further developed the coming of age storyline for Serena. As she takes a step back, Serena is able to reinvest herself into her family, her friends, now hobbies, and even a new relationship.

Serena Singh Flips The Script is a story that is completely focused on self development and self discovery. Anything that happens is geared towards helping Serena figure out what she wants out or her life. There are also several pop culture reference sprinkled throughout throughout story. This was the first book I read by Sonya Lalli but, I have a strong feeling I read more from her soon.

Rating: 4 Stars

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