It All Comes Back To You | Farah Naz Rishi | Book Review

It All Comes Back To You is a messy tale of secrets and second chances. Kiran Noorani and Deen Malik had secretly dated three years ago and were just starting to trust and fall in love when Deen ghosted Kiran. There had been a sudden incident that he was unable to disclose and in order to protect his family, he moved away with them. That was the last time they had seen each other until now as their older siblings are dating and falling in love.

Alot has happened in the three years sine Kiran and Deen last saw each other. And when they come face to face, it is explosive. Neither of them wants their secret past revealed and are determined to protect their siblings. Deen is excited that his older brother has found a girl that makes him so happy. In contrast, Kiran is concerned for her sister and thinks that the romance is moving too fast and that there are many red flags. Thus begins the push-pull dynamic between the two characters are they fight to protect their siblings.

The push pull dynamic is rooted in conflict. Deen wants to protect his brother and keep their secret in the past. Kiran wants whatever secrets are there to be revealed in order to protect her sister. Protecting her sister was a promise that was made to her mother as she was dying. She comes up with a plan to force any secrets to come out. She doesn’t anticipate the push back from Deen nor the attraction that is still present. The walls that she built after he left her were strong but were they strong enough to within the attraction?

These opposing forces are the energy moves the story forward. They are forces filled with mistakes, grudges, grief, and so many unsaid feelings. The unsaid feelings bueyed the connection between the two characters bother in person as well as online in an unknown chat friendship. I did not fully feel the connection between Deen and Kiran and that made it difficult to believe in the tension. It forced a disconnect with her mas a reader which was honestly hard to resolve.

Both Deen and Kiran are mess characters whose walls cannot fully protect them from their vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities help push forward their character arcs and themes. Themes included familial responsibilities, goals and visions, faith and religion, and grief and burden. These characters are flawed and feel authentically written. Even though I didn’t necessarily believe in the chemistry in their chemistry I still felt their pain, joy, and anguish. I felt their connection to their siblings and how they only wanted what was best for them.

It All Comes Back To You is a diverse read featuring Muslim Pakistani characters. These characters are beautiful and messy and have the flair for the dramatic. It is a coming of age story that will make the reader smile, laugh, and cringe with the characters. It is a story that is full of heart and set up for the possibility of second chances and will be enjoyable for any audience who enjoys YA coming of age stories.

Rating: 4 Stars

*I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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