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The Witch’s Heart | Genevieve Gornichec | Book Review

The Witch’s Heart is a beautiful debut filled with Norse Mythology and a testament to the strength and devotion of a mother’s love. I picked this up at my local library when the cover caught my eye and the tag line “Men die. Gods die. She lives.” caught my eye and I’m so glad I did. This story was not just a retelling of Mythology, it is a moving new idea of it. It brings a modern approach that also humanized these characters who are often viewed as so much above the rest.

The Witch’s Heart is the tale of Angroboda, a banned witch who survived a burning by the Norse Gods and is now living in solitude. It is her complex tale of love, strength, and sacrifice. She is a complex heroine who completely stole my heart. She is uncompromising in her values and her approach to her life but is also tender and loving. Angroboda is a character that is complicated but is the heart of the story with her relationships and the decisions she has to make.

The writing for these characters is so rich and vivid. The “big” moments that happen through out are well crafted and keep those pages turning. It was a heartbreaking and beautiful pictures of this woman whose existence has been fated in such a negative manner but continues to push ahead and try and find happiness in her friends, children, and magic. I honestly cannot compliment Genevieve Gornichec enough for her approach to this story and for the way that it was written.

I will admit that my Norse mythology is slightly limited. I’ve seen some of the Marvel books and movies but honestly have never been as fully invested as others. This is why I appreciated how approachable the story was as it felt familiar and yet opened me up to new possibilities. These characters were Gods, witches, and shapeshifters but they also felt human and real to me.

The Witchs Heart is a book that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Norse mythology or wants a good introduction to these stories and characters. It would also be a good fit for fantasy readers in general or those who enjoy a good story with humane characters. And yes overall this review is basically alot of words and descriptions telling you that you should read this book.

Rating: 5 Stars

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