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Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review

Like Cats and Dogs is the first book in the new Whitman Street Cat Café series by Kate McMurray. It is a romantic comedy set in a small town that has a cat café. The cat café is located right next door to the local vet office. When the new vet Caleb comes to town, he meets the café owner Lauren. Their initial interaction shows chemistry but it quickly goes down hill from there. They have differing opinions on animal care and continually rub each other the wrong way. Yet the more time they spend together, the more obvious their chemistry and attraction becomes.

I love a good hate to love troupe especially of there is snarky witty banter. It has been even leveled though and does not go overboard for me. By overboard, I mean turning into a mean spirited debate and sadly that’s what this thus banter occasionally turned into. It felt like became more about personal attacks than banner. Also, many of these were rooted in miscommunication and immaturity of the characters.

I had a hard time connecting with the characters especially with their immaturity. Neither one wants a public relationship due to their past yet both have trouble not being with each other. There was a push-pull dynamic which did lead to some cute moments but also frustrated me as a reader. I just wanted them to get their stuff together!

The real saving grace of this scenario was the location. First, the cat café sounded adorable and some place I would want to go and visit. Especially since it was located in Brooklyn. I love visiting NYC and am sad I haven’t been in well over a year due to the current pandemic. I also liked the idea of the café being right next to a vet office where they can recieve care. And the fact that there are contractors trying to buy out the café and vets office felt very realistic given the ever changing environment of Brooklyn.

Overall, Like Cats and Dogs is a quick read but does not have very much depth. The characters did drive me crazy but they also created use moments together and within the community. I also liked the community that was formed and would be willing to visit it again. Maybe Caleb and Lauren will have matured a little bit the next time I see them.

Rating: 3 Stars

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