Top Ten Tuesday: Online Resources For Book Lovers

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Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl
Today’s topic
is Online Resources For Book Lovers

Here We Go!

  1. LeAnn Rimes “Wholly Human” Podcast ~ LeAnn has varying guest on her weekly podcast many of whom have written books. I have added several books to my TBR on topics such as anxiety, religion and self care. I feel that by reading there I have expanded on myself and thus impacting my ability to read and blog.
  2. Book of the Month ~ I joined BOTM this year and just love picking out a new book each month and occasionally even spoil myself with more. I have found so many new good books!
  3. Kindle Unlimited ~ I also have a membership to Kinde Unlimited which has provided me with ne reads including several books that I owed reviews on or that were part of a series that I had started but never finished.
  4. Libby ~ Libby provides access to e-books and audiobooks via your local library. This has provided me with access to so many things. Also because I’m a NY resident, I also can use Brooklyn Library, Queens Library, and the New York Public Library.
  5. Goodreads ~ I use Goodreads to keep track of my books, rate books, and find out what my friends are reading. It really is one of my favorite resources!
  6. NetGalley Shelf ~ I just started using this recently and it has helped with my Netgalley que. By using it, I can have two different books on two different platforms which is so easy for me to keep track of.
  7. WordPress App ~ I have the app for WordPress on my phone which has helped me write posts and read/comment on other blogs. It’s useful to have in the palm of my hand.
  8. Twitter ~ Honestly, Twitter is one of my favorite for resources for finding new books. More than likely if someone I follow keeps talking about a book, I will add it to me TBR list.
  9. Book Tok ~ I’m not very big into Book Tok but, it is fun to watch the videos and find new content and books to check out.
  10. Word Of Mouth ~ Pre-social media and even post social media the way that I would find out about books would be word of mouth. Honestly nothing gets me to read a book, listen to a podcast, or check out a website like an impassioned description or word of mouth discussion. It’s the original interactive resource!

So, these are some of my favorite book resources.
Do you also have some of these?
What are you favorite book resources?

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