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The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon | Book Review

The Boyfriend Project is a new series that follows three women who become friends after discovering that they have all been dating the same man. It starts out with a bang as the women confront the man and come together to swear off men and focus on themselves for a change. Thus beginning “the boyfriend project” which really is about individual goals, growth, and self care. I knee I would likely enjoy this story based on the premise alone, and I’m so glad I was right.

The three women are Samiah, London, and Taylor. Each of them is unique and has varying levels of growth and change that they need to experience. The Boyfriend Project focuses on Samiah’s journey. She works for a major tech company, is good at her job, and has a developing her own app. She is a Black woman working in a predominately white male environment. This comes with alot of pressure which I’m so glad was addressed through out this story. Although she looks like she has it all together, under the surface she is just trying not to break under the pressure. The catfishing definitely rocked her world and the faith she had in herself. So, this stepping back plan is perfect for her and was going exactly as planned until Daniel Collins enters the picture.

Daniel is a secret agent who has gone under cover within the company to uncover a money laundering scheme. So right off the bat, there is a huge secret which does not bodr well for a potential new relationship. Especially when Samiah was just hurt the way that she was. Yet Daniel keeps running into her in the coffee room, and some innocent flirting takes places. Right away, there is chemistry between them, which the each try to resist but it gives increasingly harder the more time they spent together. Samiah is a strong independent Black woman and Daniel provides this unexpected cushion for her. She is able to be herself with him, relieving her feelings, and take a step back and regroup.

I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Samuah and Daniel but there was always a pit in my stomach knowing that secret that was between them. Even though this was being presented as a rom-com due to the moments between them, I knew there was going to be some drama when the secret was revealed. Honestly I think I was even expecting more drama than what was presented. This was a wierd sensation for me as I usually prefer my drama light. I just wanted more from Samiah in terms of a reaction, especially with her personal growth, and perhaps a bit more groveling on Daniel’s part

The friendship that was formed between Samiah, Taylor, and London was by far my favorite part of The Boyfriend Project. They start out as complete strangers who became more like sisters the more time they spend together. It was just so well done. Strong friendships are always my jam especially if they are done well. I look forward to continuing to watch this friendship as the series continues.

Rating: 4 Stars

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