A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale | Karen Schaler | Book Review

‘Tis the season to start reading those Christmas stories and listening to that favorite Christmas music. Or at least, it is for me. This year I started by listening to Reba’s Christmas album and reading A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale. It was such a simple start for the holiday season.

A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale is basically a Hallmark movie in written form. In fact, I can almost visualize them turning this into an actual movie sometime. Or at least something very similar. A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale follows the journey of investigative reporter Kaylie who lives in NYC and has been working so hard she has lost her Christmas spirit. When she unexpectedly loses her job, she is offered the opportunity to go to Europe for a story. This story is nothing like she expects- it is not an investigative report but a fluff piece requested by the Queen of Tolvania. The Queen would like Kaylie to write her granddaughter a fairytale involving the traditions of the family.

At first Kaylie completely balks at the idea. She is an investigative reporter not a celebrity journalist. Plus it is obvious from the very beginning that the Queens son, Prince Alexander is adamantly against it especially with the negative experiences with reporters in the past. The Prince is a very guarded man who is protective of his family and mourning the loss of his wife. Like Kaylie he has forgotten how to enjoy the holiday season. The queen pairs them together by having Alexander give Kaylie a tour of the castle and the town and explain some of the most favored traditions. And the more time they spend together the more the frost between them starts to melt.

I loved the visualization of Tolvania. It sounded like such a cute little town that went all out for Christmas. I wanted to visit all the shops with Kaylie and see all the trees and lights. I also enjoyed getting to know the traditions of the royal family. Learning these traditions with the Queen, Prince, and Princess causes Kaylie to realize how much she has missed the traditions and moments with her own family. Remembering these traditions also forces the Prince to see the joy in his daughters eyes again and to realize he should no longer hide from life.

Overall, A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale was exactly what I was expecting. A feel good story with traditions and memories. The only thing that really lacked for me was the build up for the romance. It felt very sudden. Boom! We’re now in love. Now I understand being wrapped up in the Christmas spirit together but I just wanted a little more. Regardless it was a sweet way to start off the 2021 holiday season. Also, I want one of those ginger spiced pancakes!

Rating: 3 Stars

    **I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**         

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