On Christmas Eve | Ann. M. Martin | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to On Christmas Eve?

I was looking for a short Christmas story to listen to while at work and came across On Christmas Eve on Libby. Given that it was written by one of my favorite childhood authors Ann. M. Martin, I immediately intrigued and ready to learn about the little girl who desperately wanted to meet Santa Clause. From the premise, I could feel the sense of magic and wonderment that was waiting for me.

What’s the story here?

On Christmas Eve is the story of eight year old Tess and her desire to meet Santa Claus so she can experience the real Christmas magic. Unlike other children her age, she still strongly believes in the magic of the holiday. She wants to thank Santa for all the good he has given her in the past and give him a personalized gift. She also has a tough question for Santa regarding the health of her best friends father. She truly believes that Santa can help him recover using his magic. And her holiday season is going to be filled with beauty, magic, and life lessons.

How did I like On Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve is described as a story for juveniles but it is a really a story for the whole family. The story is told from an eight year olds point of view which helps bring forth a sense of Christmas magic. As I was listening I found myself getting lost in the whimsical descriptions and activities. It was so easy to visualize and remember what Christmas was like when you were a child.

This is also a story about family, friends, and traditions. There are moments of making hand made decorations, cutting down a Christmas tree, going to a Christmas pagent, and singing Christmas carols. There are also more heartfelt moments discussing families who are poor or who may be suffering from illness. I felt it was an all encompassing story that would make a wonderful holiday read.

How was the narration?

On Christmas Eve narrated by Alison Fraser. As a narrator, she brings a real nostalgic feel to the story. It is 2 hours and 13 minutes long which was the perfect length for a short story you can listen to in one sitting. I guess with the physical book, there are illustrations but I thought it was really easy to visualize what was going on based on the descriptions that were being given. Again, I think that this would make a wonderful holiday read for any family.

Rating: 4 Stars

Audiobook Review layout courtesy of Good Books and Good Wine.


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