Down With This Ship | Katie Kingman | Book Review

Down With This Ship is Katie Kingman’s debut novel. It is also her tribute to the ever changing world of fandoms and fanfiction. If you are of the past generation that grew up reading or writing fanfiction or are a current fanfic reader like myself, you may like her ode to our world. Unfortunately, there were parts of the story that took away from the joy of celebrating the nerd and geeks of society.

Down With This Ship is the story that follows a fangirl named Kole. Kole has created a huge online presence with her fanfiction portrayal of her favorite couple from her favorite television show. For the most part, her blog is anonymous which is perfectly fine for her as she is an incredibly anxious person.
Everything starts falling apart when her identity is discovered and then she is bullied by the individuals who have made this discovery. Suddenly Kole is trying to figure out her next move and to what lengths she will go to protect her identity and those around her.

As a reader, I loved the fangirl aspect of this book. I admittedly have found myself in several fandoms and honestly loved finding fanfiction that was written for them. So, I could completely understand where Kole was coming from and her obsession with The Space Games. Especially with the on going shipping battles amongst viewers. I also understood wanting to keep the obsession quiet so that it was something for yourself and so that others would not be able to make fun of you for it. It is when her obsession is put out to the public that everything starts falling apart.

Falling apart is an understatement honestly. This story had so much drama. It requires a bit of suspended belief at times that all of this could occur, especially to one character. She is blackmailed; she finds herself in a love triangle; and she is invited to speak on a panel at an upcoming comic con. And suddenly her high school is fighting over the ships of the show and the ships of the school. It is just a bit much!

There were some sweet moments though. And a bit of character growth – although I would have liked to have seen more. I understand that these are high schoolers but their immaturity made me cringe sometimes Overall though, I really feel like Down With This Ship is a book that a younger audience could fall in love with. There is a quirky main character, a love triangle, evil popular kids, and tons of high school drama. For me though, I would have liked less drama and more growth and fanfiction love.

Rating: 3 Stars

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