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The Ex Hex | Erin Sterling | Book Review

The Ex Hex is the perfect Halloween read. It’s funny, sweet, and filled with magic. I’m so excited that it appears to be part of a series because I want to see these characters again. I have fallen for them and their small quirky town.

The main character is a witch named Vivi, who reminds me so much of 90s Sabrina from Sabrina The Teenage Witch. She does her best to keep her witchy identity a secret from the towns people. She also did not even know she was a witch until she was older so she feels inexperienced in comparison to her cousin and aunt. There is also an adorable cat that is learning to talk! Anyway, nine years ago Vivi crafted a curse on her ex boyfriend who broke her heart. She thought it wasn’t real but when they come face to face to the first time in nine years, she finds out that the curse is actually real and more powerful than she ever imagined.

Rhys is Vivi’s ex and a member of a well known witch family. He is a smooth talker, and honestly didn’t mean to break Vivi’s heart. Their summer together meant everything to him but, he was bound to other commitments due to his family name and legacy. He has always been fearful of disappointing his father especially since nothing ever seems good enough for him. Rhys is honestly a good guy trapped within harsh family legacy and expectations.

I loved watching Rhys and Vivi try to fight their attraction as they reconnected and tried to break the curse. It didn’t feel over done and had the perfect amount of spice. It was obvious that the attraction between them had not lessened but, there is also respective note of acknowleging where they have come since those summer days. These characters have grown and changed over nine years and it was nice to have characters who acknowledge these changes and did not regress because they reconnected with someone from their past.

There is a strong famial ties concept that weaves its way through out the story. I really enjoyed seeing the different interaction with family members and the build up of their dynamics and relationships. There are definitely some love/hate vibes going on between the two families. And they may be even more interconnected than they ever realized. Hoping there will be more interactions in future books.

The Ex Hex did not feel like a kooky spoof on magic and witches. It was funny but also put me in a total Halloween mood with the spells, the ghosts, and magic. Also, I would love to visit the Aunt’s magic shop! I would highly recommend this one or anyone who loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch or who enjoys their magic with a sweet hint of comedy and romance.

Rating: 4 Stars

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