Haunted Hospital | Marty Chan | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Haunted Hospital?

I was looking for a Halloween book to listen to while at work. When I read the synopsis of Haunted Hospital, it seemed like the perfect fit. It sounded easy to follow with a touch of spookiness which I like. I didn’t want to be too scared at work. That just didn’t seem like a good idea!

What’s the story here?

Haunted Hospital follows four friends who enjoy playing the game Spirits and Specters. This is a role playing game where a mission is set up to find evidence of paranormal activity. Recently, they have been playing at the local cemetery but, it seems to be all played out. When searching for a new location for the game, it is suggested to try the abandon George Wickerman Hospital. There is a local legend that tuberculosis patients were used as test subjects in medical experiments that ended tragically and now their ghosts walk the empty hallways. With this as the backdrop, the hospital sounded like the perfect place for their paranormal game.

How did I like Haunted Hospital?

This is such a captivating, spooky story! It was chiljng but not too chilling. I loved the descriptions of the empty hospital hallways. It felt creepy and with the vivid descriptions, it was so easy to imagine. The characters all felt authentic and sounded like Teenage friends with quick snappy comebacks. And the group they met inside the hospital were also funny. It was like they were real people but the way that they were talking (60s vibes) had me wondering if there was more going on than first met the eye. Haunted Hospital really was a quick read that kept me engaged from beginning to end!

How was the narration?

Haunted Hospital is approximately two hours long unabridged and is narrated by Jamie Kavanaugh. I felt that the narration was engaging and easy to listen to. There were multiple characters of which had their own voice which I liked. It was easy to keep track of them that way. I would recommend Haunted Hospital to anyone who enjoys young adult stories, especially if you like them with a touch of paranormal!

Rating: 4 Stars

Audiobook Review Layout courtesy of Good Books and Good Wine

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