Snowball’s Christmas | Kristen McKanagh |Book Review

Snowball’s Christmas is a cute holiday story that involves an adorable white kitten and two unsuspecting humans. Snowball has decided that Emily and Lukas are meant to be together and will let no one get in the way. Including a man who obviously has his eye on Emily. It is a sweet adventure filled with Christmas magic and shenanigans.

Emily cooks at the bed and breakfast that is owned by Lukas’ Aunt Tilly. Lukas has not been to visit Tilly in years and decides that this year is the year he will visit. Emily is not looking forward to the visit because she has some preconceived notions about him and why he never visited the woman who helped raise him. There is tension right from their first meeting but even with the brewing tension between them, Snowball is convinced that they would be the perfect couple if they would just let their guard down.

Snowball is such an adorable little kitten and the antics which she does are completely believable if you are a cat owner. I loved how the reader even got to see everything from the kittens point of view. There were actually three perspectives in total so you got to learn how each character was feeling and who they were. The romance between Lukas and Emily is a slow burn but very sweet. It is definitely a push-pull with a holiday backdrop.

Of course, what is a Christmas romance without a little bit of misunderstanding and an interloper? Emily’s childhood friend Daniel makes an appearance and obviously has an interest in her. Snowball does not like this and thus makes Daniel her mortal enemy along with all the birds outside. It is honestly quite entertaining and create a little bit of internal tension for Lukas. It also did not feel overdone to me.

Snowball’s Christmas is a quick read and had me looking forward to the start of the holiday season. It is a heartwarming tale of mischief and romance with a holiday backdrop. By the end, I was sad to leave the bed and breakfast and was glad to have read this happily ever after.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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