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Never Fall For Your Fiancée | Virginia Heath | Book Review

Never Fall For Your Fiancée is a new historical romance written by Virginia Heath. It is the first in a new series The Merriwell Series. Actually it is a romantic comedy and it is so funny. The storyline and characters kept me entertained from beginning to end.

There were two things that drew me to reading Never Fall For Your Fiancée were the historical romance aspect (regency 1800s) and the faux dating aspect. I can never resist a pseudo dating storyline! In this case, the pseudo dating involves Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, and Minerva Merriwell, a struggling woodcut engraver. The two meet unexpectedly one night and by chance Minerva has the same name as Hugh’s fabricated fiancé. He created the fiance to get his mother off his back with her match making and new everything is about to blow up in his face as his mother comes to town. He strikes a deal with Minerva to pretend to be the woman his mother believes him to be engaged to in exchanged for a large sum of money. And thus begins our adventure…

Hugh and Minerva thought they would have plenty of time to create their dynamic and have all the explanations for any discrepancies. Like the fact that Minerva has been responsible for her younger sisters when their mother died and father ran off. Or that in Hugh’s version of the courtship, her mother is very much alive forcing him to hire an actress to play her and changed it so that it was the father who actually died. Her sisters are not on board with any of this plan and freely speak out against it multiple times. And then there is a glaring detail that Minerva and her sisters are from a lower class and thus do not know how to be proper ladies of society. All of this creates so many funny moments, especially when Hugh’s mother and her husband show up way earlier than expected.

As Hugh and Minerva spend more time together trying to smooth out all the rough edges, the attraction between them grows. There are obvjous differences between them but they have found a connection with each other. They find themselves being protective of each other even though they just met. Their both experiencing internal conflicts over these feelings as it something they are not used to in their individual lives. Hugh feels that his family name is tainted and therefore he should never commit to anyone. Minerva has never really had a committed relationship due to her home responsibilities. These internal conflicts of course lead to multiple misunderstandings between them but the sparks also fly as well.

Never Fall For Your Fiancée is filled with sarcasm, banter, and chemistry. I really enjoy the growing dynamic between Hugh and Minerva and was cheering for them to actually be together the whole time. I also really enjoyed the other characters in the story and am glad I get to spend more time with these sisters. Not one of them is the same and that makes me excited as a reader! And I think think next book in the series will follow Minerva’s younger sister Daisy’s and Hugh’s best friend Giles. And guess what…they can’t stand each other. Bring on the enemies to lovers, please!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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