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People We Meet On Vacation | Emily Henry | Book Review

People We Meet On Vacation is the second book I’ve read by Emily Henry and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She takes you on a ride with her characters from beginning to end. In this one, she uses one of my favorite troupes friends to lovers and creates so many good romcom moments. There are also road trips and vacations!

People We Meet On Vacation follows Alex and Poppy as they navigate the fine line between friendship and possibly something more. The two characters met in college and are basically polar opposite in their characteristics and desires. Poppy is vibrant, energetic, and loves to take risks and loves to go on adventures. Alex is more sensitive, calm, and bookish. He loves routine, Linfield, and khakis – all of which Poppy hates. Yet somehow they have remained best friends for nearly 12 years after meeting in college and going on their first road trip together.

Or at least that is how it was until two years ago when they traveled to Croatia together. Something happened on that trip and ever since then things have been awkward between them. Poppy misses her best friend and has hit a rut in her professional life. Determined to repair what was been broken, she asks Alex to go on another trip with her. And thus begins our adventure which goes back and for the between their past trips and present say. You learn how their friendship was formed, the ups and downs of their personal liflves, and possibly most importantly what happened in Croatia that changed everything. This is a slow burn story and it is done so well. I was nervous that the end would be a disappointment but it is not and makes the journey of the story well worth it.

Emily Henry creates such a lush environment with her descriptions. Her descriptions of the various locations of their trips made me want to go visit them. And descriptions of the dynamics between Alex and Poppy made me want a friendship like theirs. They drive each other crazy but they have each other’s backs. And they are both in some serious denial regarding what is actually below the surface of their friendship. For me as a reader I loved breaking down these dynamics and getting to the bare bones of it all. The friends to lover troupe is just so well done in this story.

People We Meet On Vacation is a very well rounded story. There is a slow burn throughout and the characters completely drive the story. They are vibrant and feel so real. They will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head. All very good characteristics if you arrive me as a reader. With the various settings providing the backdrop, this is one story that will stick with the reader for a long time to come.

Rating: 5 Stars

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