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The Mistletoe Pact | Jo Lovett | Book Review

The Mistletoe Pact is the story of two people who make an innocent pact that if neither of them is married by age 30, they will marry each other. It is a story of unsolved emotions, hidden feelings, and several “almost” moments. It is also a story that involves two people who have basically known each other their wholes lives – he is her best friends brother so yes there is that dynamic too and it is so good!

The Mistletoe Pact starts on Christmas Eve 2021 when Evie and Dan wake up in bed together. After hazily piecing the previous night together, they realize that they got drunk and married in Vegas. Cue the awkwardness between them. It is then revealed that in 2013, Dan had offered to marry Evie if she was still single on her thirtieth birthday and they sealed their pacts with a mistletoe kiss. Christmas Eve is also Evie’s thirtieth birthday and thus everything comes full circle.

The story of Dan and Evie’s evolving relationship is told in both of their views and flows back and forth between past and present day. The reader learns about their deep connection which has evolved over the years from both of their points of view. This dynamic involves alot of slow burn and hidden feelings that these characters even struggle to admit to themselves. When they are together it is magic and there is so much chemistry yet for some reason they are both in some serious denial. Alot of this had to do with their home life when they were growing up. Both them witnessed their parents struggle with love and relationships and decided at a young age they did not want that for themselves. It is a long journey with these characters but a journey that I found was well worth it.

Evie and Dan are both part of a solid group of friends who enjoy getting together and celebrating occasions. There was alot of heart in these dynamics. Their friends are also not afraid to call each other out on what others might be afraid to admit. From 2013 to 2021 and then 2022, there is alot of growth in all of these characters and I loved how real these friendships felt to me as a reader. I wanted to be friends with them going to the bar and trivia night and celebrating their weddings.

The holiday season paints a beautiful backdrop for The Mistletoe Pact. It is not necessarily the primary focus but is still a nice detail. The locations of England and Vegas also paint a beautiful picture of where the story is taking place and the distances between the characters. Even though Evie and Dan had a distance between them, they always felt connected. And this connection was so heartwarming to read and will bring joy to those who love slow burn friendships turned romances like me.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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