Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love An Update On

Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl
Today’s topic is Characters I’d Love An Update On!

1) Bria Sandoval (Wanderlove ~ Kirsten Hubbard): Is she still traveling or has she settled down? If she’s traveling, where is she now? If she settles down, what was her final destination?

2) Josie Moraine (Out of the Easy ~ Ruta Sepetys): I wonder where she is now and if she is still in contact with the people in the Big Easy. Is she still making good decisions? Does she still enjoy the thrill of a mystery?

3) Sheriff Andi Shepard (Heartbreak Cove ~ Lily Everett): How are her and Sam doing? What role does she have in her nieces life now that her father is back? And honestly, I would just love an update on Santuary Island itself.

4) Reagan O’Neill / Lilah Montgomery (Open Road Summer ~ Emery Lord): This is definitely a pairing of best friends that I would love to know how they are doing. What “big” moments have happened since the last time we saw them? What new memories have they made?

5) Allie Abraham (All American Muslim Girl ~ Nadine Jolie Courtney): How is she? How is her relationship with Wells? How is she handling the current political climate in the nation?

6) Emoni Santiago (With The Fire On High ~ Elizabeth Acevedo): Is she a master chef? How are her daughter and abula? Does she have her own restaurant? Oh, and I would just love to imagine her delicious dishes.

7) Alex Claremont & Prince Harry (Red, White, and Royal Blue ~ Casey McQuiston): How is their relationship? What shenanigans have Alex and his friends gotten into? How is Alex’s mother doing as president of the USA?

8) Emmy and Oliver (Emmy & Oliver ~ Robin Benway): Are they still friends? Or is this still something more? What has happened since the last time we have seen them together?

9) Avery Crosslin (Brown Eyed Girl ~ Lisa Klepas): How is her business? Are she and Joe Travis still together? What is going on with the Travis family?

10) Jo Monifort (These Shallow Graves ~ Jennifer Donnelly): Is she still working at the paper? Is she still with Eddie? What are her friends and fellow sluthers up to in the nitty gritty 1890s? I’m sure there is plenty of mystery to be had.

What do you think these characters are up to? Are there any characters you would love to check in with?

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