Bad Habit | Charleigh Rose | Book Review

Bad Habit is the first book in the Bad Love series. I discovered this book through TikTok where the author made a brief snippet which caught my attention. It sounded like a bad boy type of story which I do enjoy from time to time especially if it is well written. So, I delved head first into it once I realized it was on Kindle Unlimited.

Bad Habit is told in two perspectives – Briar and Asher – and boy do they have a complicated dynamic together. They have known each other most of their lives. Asher is Briar’s older brother Dash’s best friend and she has always found herself pulled and attracted to him. On the flipside, Asher has always been intrigued by Briar’s innocence and confidence in him even though he is from the wrong side of the tracks. He fights his desire for her due to their age gap and the fact he’s her brothers best friend. One night when Briar is fourteen and he is seventeen, they find themselves in a precarious situation and shortly after Asher leaves town. Now he’s back and the attraction is stronger than ever between them.

Briar is pissed at Asher for leaving the way that he did. Excuse my language but she is. Heartbroken and upset that he could have left the way that he did. Asher is pissed off at Briar for something that he thinks she did before he left. She has no idea what if it could be and she is annoyed by the way he is acting. This annoyance and outrage between the two characters definitely fuels their chemistry and sexual tension. There are several misunderstandings throughout the book which likely could have been resolved with some simple conversation. Instead you get sneaking around, fighting, and a whole line of other complications.

Briar is now seventeen and even though he has hurt her she still thinks the best of Asher. Asher has been the ringer with abusive situations, neglect, and a little bit of criminal activity. Briar sees past all of this and has found the food in him, and she is the only good thing in his life that he hasn’t damaged and he doesn’t want to risk it. Of course, when two stubborn people are fighting their basic instinct, the very opposite tends to happen and it is explosive. I liked the chemistry between the characters and their age gap felt believable and did not bother me. It was obvious that these two had a connection that was not easily explained but very real to them. It just took them a little bit to figure it out.

The side characters provide good context for why Asher is the way he is, and yes is a very frustrating man. There were a couple of times I wanted to just smack him upside the head and would have supported Briar leaving him in the dust. Like yes, I get that you’ve been through some stuff but at some point you should get your act together, right? Again, alot of it could have been fixed if they would just talk, not fight, and not tear each others clothes off. But the various side characters did open my eyes as a reader and start to understand why these characters were the way that they are. Especially in the case of Asher.

Bad Habit is the first book in the Bad Love series. Honestly, while I enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I will jump right into the next one. This one was alot of take in with its level of emotion and dramatics. I think I will need a bit of a break before I decide to see what has happened with Asher, Briar, and their family and friends.

Rating: 3 Stars

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