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The Christmas House | Victoria James | Book Review

The Christmas House is a story about choices and how they influence your life and the lives around you. It is also a story about generations and how traits are passed down without anyone fully noticing. And a story of how resilience is built as life experiences hit you or change you. Throw in the holiday and some old and new family drama and you have a whirlwind of a story.

Ruby Harris owns The Christmas House in her local small town. Her house is a bed and breakfast is called the Christmas house because of how she elaborately decorates it and allows the townspeople to tour it. This year, Ruby is under the weather and her granddaughter Charlotte comes home to take care of her. She also volunteers to take over the decorating and immediately starts bumping heads with local sheriff and next door neighbor Wyatt. She is suspicious of his motives for helping Ruth mostly due to the way she has been burnt in the past.

Both Charlotte and Wyatt have had events happen in their past which have influenced the way that they are. Both characters are a bit stubborn and bit rough around the edges. This is why they see so protective of themselves and the ones closest them. This is why they bump heads at first but the layers start coming off and they see different parts of each other. And they realize that they knew each other when they were children until Wyatt just disappeared one day.

Family drama, family histories, and family secrets all play a key role in the dynamics of this book. There are two timelines inside the past featuring Ruby, Charlotte, her sister Olivia, and their mother; and the present featuring Ruby, Charlotte, Wyatt, his young son, and his aunt Mary. It is a relatively easy to follow each timeliness and see how they intersect with each other. These histories also wind up being subconsciously in the decorating of the house as a way to honor and a way to move past.

My favorite part of The Christmas House was are about the decorations. I loved visualizing the Christmas trees, the house decorations, and imagining how each room in the bed and breakfast. For me as a reader I was excited that the plot point was actually accomplished instead of being left hanging for the family dramas. I did not feel like the family dramas were wrapped by the end though. I still had questions that j didn’t feel were fully resolved. However the writing of The Christmas House is beautiful and will have you falling in love with festive season all over again.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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