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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl
Today’s topic is Bookish Memories!

  1. Jennifer Donnelly @ Oblong Books: The first time April and I went to a signing at Oblong Books, the author was Jennifer Donnelly. I was so excited to meet her as she was becoming one of my favorite authors. Plus, the drive with April was very entertaining too (“a sheep AND wool festival!”)
  2. Oblong Books: As a whole Oblong Books has provided me with so many signing memories. Through them I have had the opportunity to meet so many authors. These authors include: Jennifer Donnelly, Libba Bray, Gwenda Bond, Kristin Cashore, E. Lockhart, Jessica Martinez, Roseanne Perry, Stasia Ward Kehoe, Gretchen McNeil, Sheela Chari, Kimberly Sabatini, Lauren Oliver, Kate Ellison, and others who I can not remember at this time. Needless to say I have had many good bookish times in Rhinebeck, NY.
  3. Book Expo America: I was lucky enough to go to BEA four times from 2012 to 2015. Over that time there are so many memories that occurred. From meeting authors, fellow bloggers, publishers to attending publishing parties and enjoying things around NYC, it was always a wonderful time. Sometimes a painful time for my feet but a good time regardless.
  4. Library Books Sales: Finding out when the library book sales were being held was always a highlight for me. It still is honestly. When I was younger, I would meet up with April and together we’d see how many books we could acquire. There was one time we actually just filled her trunk! And if I’m honest I still haven’t read all the books from those adventures.
  5. Scholastic Book Sales: Every time these fliers got handed out in school I would get so excited. I would circle the items that I was interested in a give it to my parents. Some times I would get what I wanted. Other times I had to wait. It was through these fliers that I was able to join the Babysitters Club and receive their books monthly.
  6. Bedtime Stories: When I was younger, my mom would read me bedtime stories when she was able. I have no doubt in my mind that this helped instill and encourage my love for reading. Together we read the Winnie The Pooh series, Disney stories, Curious George books, and so many others. I loved this bonding time with my mom.
  7. Passing Down Books: I have been fortunate to have family members and friends who love reading like I do. I love giving them books and having them be read so I have someone to discuss it with. I’ve gotten many of people addicted to book this way. I’m not sure if I’m support feel sorry because honestly I don’t. Haha!
  8. Garfield: Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis. I would read the new comics in the paper, and even had a couple of the original books. When I was in fourth grade, I did a whole report on Jim Davis, and dressed up as Garfield for extra credit. It was so much fun and I even remember some of the facts that I learned such as that Jim Davis is actually allergic to cats!
  9. Reading Charts: I remember in elementary school there were reading charts on the wall where you would get gold stars for the books that you read. If I remember correctly, you had to meet with the teacher to discuss the book in order to get your star. Needless to say, I usually dominated this challenge and was that girl bringing in piles of books to discuss. Some of the other kids in my class never believed I had done all that reading but, I still got the stickers!
  10. Books on the Bus: I have some pretty distinct memories of going on trips or school and driving my seat partner crazy with all the books I had with me. I never wanted to be unprepared even if it was a sort trip. I also remember doing this for my trips to Myrtle Beach South Carolina with family. In fact, I can envision the bad full of books at my feet in the car. Admittedly, I still do this today with absolutely no regrets. You can neve have too many books!

What are some of your favorite bookish memories?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

  1. I’ve never been to BEA but it always sounded so fun. And oh my gosh I forgot about reading charts! My memory of that is fuzzy but I think we had those too!

    I loved Garfield and some of those PEanuts collections as well!


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