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November Recap | December TBR

How is it officially the last month of the year? This year has just flown by in so many different ways. So did the last month. Let’s recap….

Personal Recap
-I start my new overnight position on Sunday. I’m a little nervous but, I’m also excited. I really do think that this will be a good thing for me and that it will not be like the last time I did the overnight shift. Hopefully, I can adjust my sleep schedule in the way that it needed to be adjusted.
-What a month with the felines! Bootsie had a follow up from her spay in October and got her second distemper and feline leukemia shots. She’s growing up fast! Simon is doing really well. He had his yearly rabies vaccine plus had an antibiotic for some scabbing on his skin. Finally, Belle was officially diagnosed with feline diabetes so we’ve had to make some adjustments to her diet and start injecting insulin twice daily. So far so good though!
-Thanksgiving meant the opportunity to spend time with family which was so nice. We don’t get to see each other very often due to distance, work schedules, and just life in general so, it was good to be able to catch up.

Reading Recap
-I read 8 out of the 10 books on my November TBR. Plus, a few Christmas stories as well. I read 15 books in total in November!

December TBR
-The Stars and Darkness Between Us
-Keeper of the Night
-The Lost and Found Necklace
-A Heiresses Guide To Deception and Desire
-What the Cat Dragged In
-The Singles Table
-If You Love Something
-How To Love Your Neighbor
**Plus all the Christmas**

Which book should I read first? Hope everyone has a good December!

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