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Holding Out For Christmas | Janet Dailey | Book Review

Holding Out For Christmas is the third book in The Christmas Tree Ranch series. This one is super sweet and actually has seem good character growth. Playboy and professional bull riding champion Connor has had a front row seat to his two best friends falling in love, and now he is seeing what he has been missing. Last year at the Cowboy Christmas Ball there was a country singer who had completely stolen his heart and he has not been able to forget her. He hasn’t seen her since then but he is hopeful he will see her this year and maybe even steal her heart too.

Megan is an elementary school teacher in Nashville but that is only her daytime job. Her real passion is singing and she has developed a character named Lacy Leatherwood, a sexy flirtatious bombshell, in order to accomplish her goal. Otherwise no one would take her seriously. This character is the one who was performing at the Christmas Cowboy Ball and who Connor thinks is his dream girl. When Megan and Connor meet for the first time, he has no idea she is the same girl but, he can’t help being attracted to this sweet quiet woman.

Both Megan and Connor experience some strong character growth throughout their story. Connor needed to move past his playboy status and find something a little deeper than just looks. Megan needed to learn her own strength and have the ability to trust what was right in front of her and within in. As a reader, I love these kinds of stories and especially love them when there is a good flowing romance to go along with it. I rooted for Connor and Megan from the very beginning.

Along with the romance of Connor and Megan, there is also a sweet story of the relationship between Megan’s younger brother Daniel and his girlfriend Katy. Both characters have down syndrome and I really liked the way their dynamic was written. They were supported by their parents and both both work at the local supermarket. Both of them are trying to figure out how to be independent and although their families are supportive, they also have their concerns. I found this to feel so real the way it was written and I liked the mention of outside resources.

Holding Out For Christmas was another good installment in The Christmas Tree Ranch series. The holiday season was fully in bloom in this one one I enjoyed continuation and growth of the Christmas tree business. These characters are really growing on me, including Maggie and Travis who drove me crazy before. All of them keep me in the holiday spirit.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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