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A Yuletide Kiss | Madeline Hunter | Sabrina Jeffries | Mary Jo Putney | Book Review

A Yuletide Kiss is a Christmas collection written by three of the most popular regency romances of today. All three romances are set at a small country inn where a group of travelers are stranded from a winter storm. There is a touch of spice, mistletoe, and the spirit of the holidays through out all three.

The first story An Unexpected Christmas Gift is written by Madeline Hunter. It follows inn owner Jenna Waverly as she tries to handle her unexpected guests at the inn and an attractive man to boot. The attractive man Lucas Avonwood is on a mission of his own – tracking down a scoundrel who has been swindling people out of valuable money and items. It was easy t like both Jenna and Lucas and the attraction was very much present. The romance is quick and when an unexpected conflict arises, it is wrapped up quickly. Maybe too quickly actually. I think if that had been developed a little bit more, it would have been more believable.

When We Finally Kissed Goodnight has a touch of the enemies to lovers troupe which author Sabrina Jeffries is just so good at. Konrad and Flora have a bit of a romantic history but haven’t seen each other in years. There is a strong chemistry between them and plenty of spice as they explore their dynamic together. There is a secret handing over them which creates some tension until it is resolved. Apparently, these characters are part of the Duke Dynasty series by the author but, I did not feel like I was missing any information. Their history and connection was well laid out and believable and they were easy to root for as well.

When Strangers Meet is the final story and honestly my favorite of the three. Kate Macleod and Daniel Faningdon have not seen each other in years but are legally married. Daniel married Kate in order to help save her from a horrible situation seven years earlier and then disappeared. Within no sightings of this man, Kate believed him to be dead and was beyond surprised to find him at this inn. These two characters are so funny and I loved watching them reconnect. They had several things to work out between them and actually took the time to do so.

A Yuletide Kiss is an anthology filled with Christmas spirit and Christmas traditions. I loved how the guests at all the inn all pitched in and did their part to make everyone feel welcome and spread holiday spirit. Each had their own level of heat but all were seat and were just so enjoyable to read.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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